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that’s life! is a magazine for our readers, by our readersForget fiction, it’s your lives that are fascinating. That’s why every issue is jam-packed with your incredible true stories. 

You’ll be shocked and moved by tales of love and laughter, friendship and betrayal, murder and miracles.  It’s safe to say that that’s life! is where you’ll find the strories that no other weekly dares to tell. 

Along with gripping reads, we’re bursting with puzzles, and each one has a generous prize, including £3,000 in CASH. Our health and consumer pages will keep you in the know, and our affordable fashion, beauty and cookery will be sure to tempt you.

We also have completely unique pages, including Aren’t Men Daft, about all the funny things your fellas do. And Amy, our much-loved mum behaving badly, will make you belly laugh with her weekly column about the challenges of life with little ones. 

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By George, you've been BUSY!

Kizzie's man disappeared during her labour. What was he up to?

'Now be a good WIFEY'

Charlotte had dreamt of a white wedding. But her big day couldn't have been futher from a fairytale...

HORROR at the hairdresser's

When Rachel filed for divorce, her ex tracked her down at work and took shocking vengeance...


Abigail had to protect her newborn twins - from their own brother

Meet our MUM of the YEAR winner!

For months, we've been searching for our mum of the year 2017. Finally, here's our winner. Claire has endured so much, but has stayed strong for a special boy...

Blades of GORY

Dana's body was being eaten alive. Could anyone save her?

This weeks recipe